TheChat is an innovative and unique platform that enables people in the same space to discover and interact with each other via text chat.

Get involved when you're ready. Dive straight into the live room conversation, invite others in the room to have a private chat with you, or simply watch and work out who's who.

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Get Involved

Download TheChat app onto your iOS or Android smartphone.

Enter a room or venue with TheChat and a notification will appear on your phone screen inviting you to 'Touch to join TheChat'.

First time users are asked to register with Facebook, LinkedIn or email, then every time you enter a venue with TheChat you'll join automatically.

Who's in the room?

Scroll through the list of everyone who's in the room. Check out their profiles and decide if you'd like to invite someone for a private chat.

Tap 'Chat' and send them a message.

You can move quickly & easily between the room chat and your private chats.

Start Connecting!

TheChat only connects people in the same room. Just as when you're speaking face to face, when you leave the room you leave the conversation.

Return within 5 minutes and you'll be right back in TheChat again.

TheChat works everywhere - TheChat app is all you need to connect.

Venues: Get Connected!

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